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Mar 18, 2013 6:00am PDT
14- year-old marcus johnson have been stopping by the memorial outside his family's muffler shop. police say the boy was one of two people killed when a race car sped out of control during a warmup lap on a race track in marysville and crashed into the pit area. 68-year-old dale wondergem of grass valley was also killed. authorities say the boy is the cousin of the driver of the race car.who was not injured. chase johnson was behind the wheel during saturday's fatal crash. the petaluma high school senior has also been a competitive racer since a young age.his website reveals that he comes from 4 generations of race car drivers. the 17 year old lives in penngrove.a town outside petaluma. some of the championships he's won have been at the petaluma speedway. his shop teacher at petaluma high says chase is a good student. one of several kids at the school that are very involved in the sport. to lose a family member is very difficult. 14 year old marcus johnson.known by the nickname m-j was a lifelong racer.starting with smaller vehicles like go karts.since he was five years
Mar 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
rosa boy killed falling a race car accident on saturday. friends and family of marcus johnson have been stopping by the memorial outside of his family's muffler's shop. he was one of two people killed when a race car sped out of control out of a war of black. it crashed into the pit area. 68 year-old dale wonderjim was killed. >> kron fours marureen kelly has more formation and the uncovered and for mission about the vict victim and the driver. >> he was a racer since it was 5 years old starting with go-karts. >> he is posing with a trophy alongside his older cousin chase. on the right- hand side of the screen. >> that young man now 17 was behind the wheel during saturday's fatal crash. chase johnson has been a competitive research into a young age. his website reveals he comes from four generations of race car drivers. >> the 17 year old who was not injured was in a town outside of petaluma. the championship he had been one at petaluma speedway. he is a senior at petaluma high school. his teachers say he is a good student and is very involved in the sport. >> it is wonderful to ha
Mar 25, 2013 4:00am PDT
in the north bay yesterday. hundreds came out to remember 14 year old marcus johnson. he died last week at the marysville raceway -- struck and killed in a freak accident by his cousin's racecar. all after it went off the track and crashed into him in the pit. kron 4s j-r stone is following the story. and takes us to the funeral. more bay area news. his mom talked about the good times. >> he literally picked me up in the air and twirled me around. fire was amazed that he could pick me of. saw he had such a common sense about them and his allies would smile and light up a room. i spoke with a number of teenagers saying that school will not breathe the same without them. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> after a 90-minute stand off with police, a novato resident is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-seven news, over the scene friday. someone reported the suspect starting a fire in a home near the corner of center road and stasia drive. relatives say that the suspect was acting up and in possible need of psychiatric help. after
Mar 20, 2013 4:00am PDT
sunday. marcus johnson was an eighth grader who was in the pit area of the marysville racetrack with his cousins read car went off the track and hit him along with another victim, dale wondergem jr.. he also died. the family says that the driver, a 70 in your petaluma high school stood was like a brother to the victim. >> more and more elegant pop seals are being taken in by the marine mammal center in marin county. pups are being abandoned by their mothers are showing up malnourished. >> the center says storms of people may be to blame for separating the pups from their mother. so the pups evidence of a shark bites. the centers did you see an injured pub, call them. >> there are 19 elephant seal pups on site right now. the center says there could be as many as 60 in a month for to. >> rain fell in the bay area over night. it should be wet this morning. we will have eight of them on the forecast with erica. >> is 4:15. thus it to the forecast. the rain has arrived just as erica had expected. good morning erica. >> the rain fell overnight. storm tracker 4 shows we're not done just tha
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4